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I just want to remind people that if you're in doubt about whether a piece of your story actually fits the rules and guidelines of the Omphalos Cosmos, do not hesitate to contact me via Livejournal or Gmail or MSN Messenger for clarification. Here are some handy rules to remember:

1) The plot should symbolically or metaphorically or literally mirror what's actually happening with you in real life. Thus, if your character dies, you should have gone through a symbolic death or a literal death. If your character becomes a Trespasser, you should literally backstab everyone you love and the principles you used to hold dear, or seriously flip out and injure someone without cause, or any kind of symbolic/metaphoric representation that you are now for corruption and destruction ALL THE TIME and IN GENERAL as opposed to love, peace, and creation.

2) Anything that does not mirror what's actually going on with you is considered "slash" and not "canon". This is why we have that handy signifier before every story. It does not just relate to romantic/sexual pairings.

Thank you, and carry on with the stories!