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Gasp! What's this? Hex has updated the Glossary? Madness! Mayhem! Mysticism?

I've added a new Basic Term, spruced up the Character Bios (three new ones-- Evan, Jen, and Lenobios), and added a Rough Time Line for the many story arches we have going on here on our humble community.

Check it out: http://community.livejournal.com/omphaloscosmos/624.html

I need you to comment on this post or email me if you read the Glossary and notice/need the following:

- you found some terms in the story arches that you don't fully understand yet and would like that added to the Basic Terms glossary

- your character bio or somebody else's isn't what you planned or expected, and you'd like to know why something is or isn't there (I either overlooked it or there's a good reason, so we should chat about it if there's an issue)

- I messed up the approximate timeline of your story

- you want an additonal feature added to the Glossary, or want more things explained that is beyond the scope of the four main sections (Terms, Characters, Timeline, and Character Creation).

Cheers! Keep posting stories, people, and thanks for the three who replied to my CRPG post.