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This is a special community for those who want to write/read IRL Fic set in the Omphalos Cosmos
If you don't know what the Omphalos Cosmos is, you should probably move on. This community is not for you.

This is however for the lovers of the IRL (fan)fic that pharmakon started in hir lj. People involved/lover/writers of the fic are welcome to join this group. This is for fun, so enjoy. Be crazy. Be imaginative. :)

Rules For Readers

1) No trolling. No spamming. No crap will be tolerated.

2) Please do comment and critique if you feel like it. This is an alternate reality version of fanfic. Writers like fans... most of the time. Bear in mind that a lot of the writing may parody or pee on fanfic conventions, as that's the whole point of the IRL fanfic genre.

3) If you have an Omphalos character in the cosmos that's being portrayed in a story incorrectly in some way, feel free to comment and suggest better ways the writer can improve on their grasp of your character.

4) Feel free to request stories of certain writers/characters through comments on posts, or emailing the Mods. Make sure it doesn't break any of the Writer Rules below.


Rules For Writers

1) To become a writer for this community, please email hexpiritus@gmail.com for your request. Your request should follow the Four Step Quick & Dirty Character Creation Guide in the Glossary. You either have to have an already existing character in the cosmos that was created by the writer, or have a character and plot ideas pre-approved by the original writer. This is because of rule #2, which is...

2) Your fic must be written in first person. The idea is that since you have a character in the cosmos, only you can have the unique authority of writing from that character's perspective, and no one else. Just like in "IRL", you can't see the world through another person's perspective... or can you? If you have these fantastical powers, email the Hex mod and we'll talk.

3) Obviously, no spam. All posts must be set in the Omphalos cosmos and must be some kind of creative writing (if you want to play with other genres like scripts, poetry, horror, stream-of-consciousness, etc., go ahead). Regardless, your submitted piece will still be considered IRL (fan)fic because it adheres to the rules mentioned above, and below. If you want to ask questions related to other characters and the general setting that go beyond the scope of the Glossary, do not make a question-asking post, simply email the Mods.

4) Do not introduce new characters without warning one of the Mods beforehand. Sure, we're a pretty insular group, and just because we all probably exist IRL, and all the characters are blatantly Mary Sue versions of us (as is the basis for the IRL fanfic genre), does not mean that somehow, somewhere, someone who may or may not know us, breaks the elaborate codex and gets royally pissed at the fiction. If you let the Mods know what you're doing beforehand, we'll have the doomsday device ready for that eventuality.

5) Please adhere to the basics of the characters and setting described in the Glossary. The Mods will allow "slash", though, which is unusual pairings or conglomerations that never would have occurred in IRL. That is to say if the so-called IRL version of the characters are interested in having sex, and you write a fic where they ARE having sex, that's not considered "slash", because the intent and possibility in IRL are still there. But if the IRL versions have never had any intent, interest, and may even be horrified at the idea, it's considered "slash"-- just make sure if possible to check with the IRL versions first in case they get offended at how you portray them, since it's not "canon".

6) Post each fic under an lj-cut, with the Title of the fic in the Subject header, and as the text of the lj-cut. Outside of the lj-cut, post the Word Count, Subgenre, C/S, Main Characters (that are being featured in the fic), and one of the two following Rating Schemes:
a) Complex - G, PG [contains harsh language], NC17 [contains harsh language, themes of sexuality and violence], R [softcore graphic gore and sex], X [explicit hardcore graphic gore and/or sex]
b) Basic - G for General Audience, M for Mature Audience, X for Explicit Content
Thus, your post may look like this.
Some Like It Hotter Than Hell

Word Count: 6,666
Subgenres: Horror, Erotica
C/S: Canon
Main Characters: The Morg, Nemera
Rating: X

(Some Like It Hotter Than Hell)


Mods: queenie_writes & hexpiritus.