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Jengala Chapter 5 - Sex and Violence

Words: 1428
C/S: Canon
Characters: Gabriel, Moss, Tsar, Cybele, Ardelle, Nemera, Morgan, El
Rating: X

Sex and ViolenceCollapse )

Jungala #4: Nerd cube?

Words: 2486
C/S: Canon
Characters: Ardell, Daun, Kara, Tzar
Rating: G

Jungala #4Collapse )
to be continued

Sweet Dreams #2: on the home front

words: 1405
C/S: canon
Characters: Kara, El, Gabriel, Tzar
Rating: X

Author's Note: I used this story as a hypnotic induction on my love this morning... *wicked grin*

returning homeCollapse )

Jangala #3 : Somebody Pissed Off a Lion

Words: 1070
C/S: Canon
Characters: Ardell, Daun, Kara, Tzar
Rating: G

Jangala #3Collapse )

Jangala #2: Deeper into the woods

Words: 1037
C/S: Cannon
Characters: Ardell, Daun, El, Gabriel
Rating: PG-13

In the jungle, the quiet jungleCollapse )

Intro to "Jangala"

Word Count: 903
C/S: Canon
Main Characters: Ardell, Daun, Gabriel, El
Rating:  M for Mature

A Crossover Directive mission that takes place before the Cillian Mission. New characters are being introduced, and will be added to the Glossary shortly.

... to be continued...